Savoury Biscuits

Buttermilk Wafers£2.99
Carrs Melts£2.49
Carrs Tablewater Biscuits Small£2.35
Charcoal Wafers£2.45
Charcoal Wafers Gluten Free 110g Millers£3.25
Cheese Straws - Smoked Dunlop£3.80
Cheese Straws - Strathdon Blue£3.80
Cranberry & Pumpkin Seed Gluten Free£3.25
Grissini Breadsticks£2.59
Grissini Breadsticks Rustic Mulino 250g£3.25
Marmite Biscuits for Cheese 150g£3.25
Nairns Gluten Free Oatcakes 213g£2.65
Natural Wafer Crackers Gluten Free Crackers£1.69
Olinas Cracked Pepper Wafer Crackers 100g£1.69
Olinas Natural Wafer Crackers 100g£1.69
Olive Tongue Biscuits£5.49
Original Wheat Wafers£2.45
Peters Yard Charcoal & Rye Crackers 90g£2.99
Peters Yard Pink Peppercorn Crispbread 90g£2.99
Peters Yard Selection Box£6.99
Pink & Black Pepper Crispbreads PY 120g£3.25
Pumpkin Seeded Flatbreads Gluten Free£3.25
Sea Salt Flatbreads 135g Peters Yard£2.50
Seeded Wholegrain Crackers Peters Yard£2.99
Smoked Chilli Flatbreads Peters Yard£2.50
Spelt & Fig Crackers Peters Yard£2.99
Spelt & Poppyseed Crispbreads 120g PY£3.25
Stockans Thin Oatcakes£0.75
Swedish Crispbread Peters Yard 105g£2.79
Sweet Olive Oil Tortas Ines Rosales 120g£2.49
The Best of Millers Crackers for Cheese 250g£5.99
Tongue Biscuits - Classic£4.35
Tongue Biscuits - Parmesan£4.35