Antica No1 Nougat with Hazelnuts£5.49
    Antica No2 Nougat with Almonds & Pistachio£5.49
    Antica No3 Nougat with Almonds & Hazelnuts£5.49
    Antica No4 Nougat with Orange£5.49
    Antica No5 Nougat with Cherry£5.49
    Asbach Brandy Cherries 100g£6.99
    Asbach Liqueur Bottles 100g£6.75
    Beer & Football Chocolates£14.50
    Candy Cane Gift Box 12 piece£2.75
    Champagne Truffles 138g Booja Booja£11.50
    Cheese Collection Gift Pack of Chutney's£15.95
    Chilli Lovers Triple Pack£11.50
    Chocolate Coffee Liqueurs 62g AB£3.95
    Chocolate Florentines - Sarah Bunton 80g£8.25
    Chocolate Flower Medallions£7.59
    Chocolate Ginger Medallions 80g£7.95
    Chocolate Honeycomb Dark 100g£3.35
    Chocolate Liqueurs 125g AB£6.99
    Chocolate Orange Truffles - Booja Booja£6.25
    Chocolate Peppermint Dominoes£6.99
    Chocolate Reindeer & Carrots 110g£8.99
    Christmas Chutney 215g£4.59
    Christmas Tree - Organic Mature Lancashire£10.50
    Crystalised Stem Ginger 150g£7.25
    Dark Chocolate with Salted Caramel Truffles£5.50
    Didsbury Gin Gift Pack 4 x 5cl£14.99
    Espresso Martini Cocktail Truffles 115g£7.99
    Gianduiotti Zaini 200g£7.25
    Honeycomb Caramel Truffles - Booj Booja£6.25
    Hot Chocolate Stirrers Drink Gift Box£7.50
    Marc de Champagne Rose Truffles 150g£9.99
    Marc de Champagne Truffles - Posh Box 140g£11.50
    Marinated Mini Figs£5.25
    Midnight Espresso Truffles - Booja Booja£8.49
    Mozart Assorted Kugel 300g£18.99
    Mozart Constanze Kugel Picture Box 120g£7.99
    Mozart Kugel Picture Box 120g£7.99
    Mozart Kugel Picture Box 240g£15.50
    Mozart Specialty Assortment 218g£16.99
    Nougat de Montelimar No7 Tin£13.50
    Savoury Selection 4 Jar Gift Box£10.99
    Tongue Tingling Hot Trio Gift Pack£13.95
    White Chocolate with Marc de Champagne Truffles£5.50