Dry Goods & Cooking Ingredients

Anchovy Fillets 50g Cooks & Co£1.45
Apple & Cider Brandy Sauce 210g£3.05
Arborio Rice£4.25
Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce 295g£3.65
Beetroot, Carrot & Parsnip Crisp 120g£2.65
Black Stoneless Olives in Brine 227g£1.50
Black Truffle Slices 50g£12.49
Chargrilled Red Pepper Aivar 314g£3.99
Cheesies - Crunchy Popped Emmental£1.45
Cheesies - Crunchy Popped Gouda£1.45
Cherry Peppers with Ricotta 280g£4.69
Cherry Peppers with Tuna£4.75
Chestnut Puree 439g£3.25
Chestnut Sweetend Puree 250g Tin£2.49
Chestnuts Vac Packed Whole 240g£5.15
Chestnuts Whole Peeled 439g£4.65
Chopped Garlic - Very Lazy 200g£2.35
Chopped Ginger - Very Lazy 200g£2.35
Chopped Red Chillies - Very Lazy 200g£2.35
Chopped Tomatoes£1.00
Classic Red Chili Sauce 147ml£3.25
Conchiglie Organic Pasta 250g£2.95
Cornichons & Onions 350g£2.49
Cranberry Port & Orange Sauce 250g£3.15
Crunchy Red Apple Crisps£1.99
Crunchy Spring Greens Crisps£4.25
Crystalised Ginger Jar 200g£4.25
Cumberland Sauce 250g£3.20
Dill Mustard Sauce 140g£2.35
Egg Tagliatelli£2.99
Flame Roasted Red & Yellow Peppers£2.99
Flame Roasted Red Peppers 450g£3.25
Fruity Cranberry Sauce Grande Couture£6.50
Fruity Cranberry Sauce Small Couture£4.99
Fusilli Martelli£3.99
Gentlemans Relish 42.5g£3.25
Gherkins Cocktail£1.65
Goose Fat 180g£3.35
Green Olive Paste 180g£3.25
Green Pea Fusilli 250g£4.25
Grilled Artichoke Hearts£5.75
Grilled Peppers 280g£4.95
Hot Chilli Sauce 230ml£3.85
Hot Horseradish Sauce Grande Couture Jar£6.50
Ketchup - Fruity Brown£3.15
Ketchup - Smoky Chilli Sauce 230ml£3.45
Ketchup - Sticky Barbecue Sauce£3.45
Ketchup - Sweet Mustard£3.15
Ketchup - Tomato£3.20
Kidney Beans - Red£0.99
Lasagne Mamma Sofia£2.65
Licorice Bar£0.95
Licorice RJs Soft Black 200g£2.75
Maccheroni Martelli£3.99
Mayonnaise with Dijon Mustard£3.30
Meringue Nest Large in box£7.75
Meringue Rainbow Fruit Drops 100g£3.25
Mexican Chipotle Sauce 150ml Kan Kun£3.49
Mexican Habenero Sauce 150ml Kan Kun£3.49
Mexican Jalapeno Sauce 150ml Kan Kun£3.49
Mint Jelly 250g£3.00
Mint Sauce 160g£2.45
Mushroom Ketchup 170ml£2.99
Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes 400g£1.25
Organic Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce 350g£2.95
Organic Basil Pasta Sauce 350g£2.95
Organic Maple Syrup 250g Buckwood£5.49
Organic Marinara Pasta Sauce 350g£2.95
Organic Puttanesca Pasta Sauce 350g£2.95
Organic Tagliatelle£3.99
Pappardelle Organic Pasta 375g£3.99
Passata Organic Tomato 690g£2.80
Penne Martelli£3.99
Penne Rigate Organic Pasta 500g£3.99
Peppercorns Green£1.59
Peppercorns Pink£2.09
Pesto Basil 200g£5.99
Pesto Sun Dried Tomato 200g£6.25
Pickled Eggs Free Range 550g£3.75
Pickled Onions 1906 550g£3.75
Pickled Walnuts in Port 300g£5.49
Pitted Antipasto Olives£3.99
Pitted Nocellara Olives in Brine£3.99
Porcini 10g£2.25
Rainbow Roots - Carrot & Beetroot£4.25
Red Currant & Port Jelly£2.99
Rice & Quinoa Tagliatelle Gluten Free Pasta£4.45
Roasted Artichokes 380g - Seggiano£9.75
Roasted Red Peppers 580g£3.99
Salted Capers - di Vita 150g£2.95
Sea Salt Coarse - Costa£2.25
Sea Salt Fine - Costa£2.25
Seggiano Fresh Artichoke Pate£5.15
Spaghetti - Martelli£3.99
Spaghetti Tricolori 500g£3.49
Spicy & Smoky Pepper Luteniza 314g£3.99
Squid Ink Spaghetti 500g£3.30
Stem Ginger in Syrup - 280g£2.95
Strong Horseradish Cream£2.60
Sweet & Piquant Cheery Peppers£3.99
Sweet Potato Sticks - Chilli & Lime£3.59
Sweet Potato Sticks - Sea Salt£3.59
Tartare Sauce£3.05
Tomato Pasta Sauce 200g£5.10
Tomato Puree Double Concentrate Tube Mutti£1.59
Truffle Sea Salt - Truffle Hunter£6.50
Vanilla Bean Extract Fairtrade 100ml£9.99
Walnuts Pickled - Opies£4.59
Whole Black Truffles 30g£8.49
Whole Nocellara Olives in Brine£3.99
Wild Cranberry Sauce£2.40